Sina-Kinkelin-Anlage Lindau, Lake Constance

The Sina-Kinkelin complex is characterized by an impressive population of trees. The design respects this existing structure and fits into it. The most popular element of the previously existing playground was a small, climbable steel elephant, which the public was very fond of. It was preserved and given a 'big brother' made of wood, which can also be climbed. The two elephants are surrounded by a 'thicket' made of wood, which offers many opportunities for climbing, hiding, swinging and balancing. A 'waterhole' as a large sand and mud play area complements the playground's offerings. The originally existing but no longer usable football field was rebuilt. With graphic markings and modeled lounge areas, it has once again become an attractive meeting place for Lindau's young people.

Fotos: © Leonard Grosch